A photo a day for 365 days---that's this project in a nutshell. I'm a WAY amateur photographer, with a WAY crappy camera, who came up with the idea to take a picture everyday of 2010.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Run of the Reds-Thomas D. Mangelsen

Today, a little inspiration from one of my favorite photographers: Thomas D Mangelsen.

Taken from his site:

Alaska Peninsula

Like a still life under glass, sockeye salmon, also known as reds, follow their instinctual drive to undertake the fiercest and final journey of their lives. After spending up to four years in the salt waters of the Bering Sea, some journeying over a thousand miles, they return to their natal streams in preparation for spawning. As the ritual draws near the once dime bright fish turn a brilliant red. These spawning rivers are the source of the most productive sport and commercial fisheries in the world. However, the proposed Pebble Open Pit Gold and Copper Mine seriously threatens this spectacular ecosystem.


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